Level Up Your Elevar Tracking
Level Up Your Elevar Tracking

Level Up Your Elevar Tracking

Today Elevar…

  • Provides you with accurate Google Analytics and GA4 data that you can trust
  • Delivers the best Facebook Pixel and Conversion API integration that exists on Shopify
  • Gives you a data layer to simplify adding new tracking to your marketing stack
  • Offsets impacts of iOS, AdBlockers, etc. with the latest, most innovative conversion tracking
  • Supports you with the best team of eCommerce analytics experts on the planet

But the World of Tracking is Changing (and fast!)

  • Shopify released their Web Pixel API for checkout tracking on October 3rd as part of a larger Checkout enhancement rollout
  • iOS and browsers are increasing restrictions and cracking down on trackers and cookies
  • Consumers are flocking to ad blockers - we now see 43% of U.S. adults are blocking online ads
  • More and more marketing channels are requiring server-side CAPI integrations
  • Growth of GDPR and cookie consent compliance requirements

I’ll break it down for you. - Brad

We’ve Got You Covered

Over the past two years, Elevar has been pioneering the best server-side conversion tracking solution built on Shopify to allow you to:

  • Collect and send 100% of conversions to marketing destinations like Facebook, GA4, Google Ads, TikTok, Snapchat, Impact Radius, and Criteo.
  • Scale campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads with lower CPMs (from better tracking)
  • See all of your conversion data collected in real-time
  • Configure server-side and web pixel API tracking in a no-code environment — without the need of a Google Cloud + Google Tag Manager server-side container that costs up to $100/month+
  • Integrate with Consent tools like OneTrust, Pandectes, and Cookiebot
  • And much more… (40+ releases!)

Upgrading is Easy

To ensure 100% accurate conversion tracking (we guarantee it), you can easily upgrade to the Elevar Server-Side plan by clicking here.

But wait… there is more! You’ll also get:

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Unlimited access to all new Shopify Web Pixel API integrations as we roll them out

If you have any questions, schedule a call with our experts below.

Watch a Demo or Schedule Call With Us Have questions or curious to see how it works? We’re here to help.
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FAQs Most common questions answered


What if I’m using Google Tag Manager Server-Side Container on my current plan?

If you’re on our Basic Plan and utilizing our Google Tag Manager Server-Side integration for Google Analytics and Facebook Conversion API then you can continue to utilize this.

The Elevar Server plan include enhancements not available with GTM server-side like:

  • Advanced attribution storage throughout checkout
  • Automatic upgrades to the latest channel requirements
  • Access to all server-side destinations (see all)
  • Access to additional webhook integrations throughout checkout (not just purchase events)

Will my current plan and features still work if I don’t upgrade?

Yes! You can stay on your current plan — there are no changes to this.

What if I’m already using Triplewhale or Northbeam for server-side tracking?

You can use these in parallel with Elevar — they are two distinct solutions:

  • Triplewhale pulls data into their platform for business intelligence reporting
  • Elevar collects and pushes customer data and conversion events from your website to marketing destinations
How long does it take to upgrade?

If you are somewhat comfortable with Google Tag Manager then it should take 1-2 hours, max.

Once you decide to upgrade then your Elevar Dashboard will reset your Source & Destinations and walk you through the entire setup step by step (see image below).

The main aspect you’ll want to look out for is if you are replacing pre-existing tracking in your Shopify store (ex. native Facebook Pixel <> Shopify all) with Elevar’s server-side tracking that you remove the pre-existing tracking after going live.

*What’s included in the Free Expert Install package?

This package ensures the Elevar team configures your new account to our internal best practices. This package should not be replaced for a full custom onboarding that includes auditing pre-existing tracking, supporting a platform migration, or performing a deep dive into Google Analytics or GA4.


  • Configure all Sources on Shopify theme (including data layer updates)
  • Configure up to 8 native Destination integrations inside Elevar (server-side and/or client-side)
  • Testing & Validating the 8 Destinations configured are triggering as expected and are not duplicating tracking
  • Tracking for post purchase upsells and subscriptions within native Shopify checkout
  • One 30 minute phone call
  • Elevar’s User Journey event tracking

Does Not Include:

  • Platform migration QA (ex. Magento => Shopify)
  • Elevar will not access your third party applications for the monitoring Facebook Events Manager, Google Ads, TikTok, or other account access.
  • Customization to Elevar data layer (ex. Blending customizations from an old data layer to new data layer)
  • Order Status page script customization
  • Removing pre-existing apps injecting tracking (merchant will have to do this)
  • Custom dimension & custom metric implementation
  • Custom coding
  • Sitewide audit of existing tracking (marketing or analytics tags)